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A Cute Monday Welcome | An Eat24 Gif Party

October 09, 2015

Hey all, welcome to Monday. You know, that day after Sunday that makes us sad, but just a couple days before Friday which does the exact opposite. We’ve gathered a few fun furry gifs to help get the week started off right. And by right, we mean, um, well, cute animals.

So sit back, take your mind of the next few impending days, hit play, and enjoy the cuteness.


Floating into work on Monday.

We feel you little guy, we feel you.


Why hello there.

Danger can!

You’ll fly one day.

Well how else are you gonna get your pig clean?

The fox said “Awwww yeuh”

True friendship knows no bounds.

That was wild from start to finish.

Run hedgehog run!

My woof beats your meow.

Munch on!

If i fits, I sits.

There’s nothing down there silly!

From hangry to happy in seconds.

“No I don’t want to order anything.” Seconds later.

Yes, more hedgehog gifs.

That pinecone is moving! Oh wait, just another hedgehog.

Cat assistant is the best assistant.


Surprise cute.

Diving back into the workweek now. Thanks for tuning in!

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