Bacon Sriracha Unicorn Diaries

A Blue-Toned Monday Gif Party

March 20, 2017

What happened to the weekend? Is it Monday? We’re in a Mondaze. Sorry about that bad intro, it’s the best we could come up with after the weekend (aka festival of green beer and bad decisions). To refresh our minds, we collected the most pleasing, fluffy, wholesome gifs we could find. So just hit play and scroll down to escape.

58d01f3f7e7eb669429418 Spring has sprung!

1 - nxFArgCFist (finger) bump!

58d0206410199404030552Light-up bouncy balls make us feel the same way.

monday dogDog.exe has ceased to function.!

william tell golfWilliam lived to see another day.

58d01e393e3e1723165858Steve….help me Steve! I’m stuck, Steve!

58d01e62446a1985938934We love our bed too little guy.

gJi6XpGBoing boing boing!

Big doggo tiny floof catAlright, it’s nap time.

58d01eef332e7424960078Not today!
58d01f290b48b077977160Not impressed.

58d01e19c0ca9460505677They’re still arguing over the strawberry to this day.

ThiTmedIf Monday was a bowling ball.

58d01f5780537939183675There are no mistakes, just happy accidents.


Thanks for tuning in! Now back to figuring out what that weird smell in the kitchen is.

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