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9 Must-Eat Summer Movies

May 27, 2015


Summer 2015 is here and that can only mean one thing…movies! Well, it also means a large popcorn, two boxes of Junior Mints, one pack of Twizzlers, and a jumbo -sized Cherry Slushy. The point is, we put together a summer movie guide to help you find the best flicks out there. So get out your calendar and start planning. It’s gonna be a tasty summer.




What It’s About: A superhero eggplant rescues the world from a terrible life of squash and zucchini.


Vlasic World


Cucumbers gone wild.

What It’s About: A tour of a pickle factory goes horribly wrong when a power outage allows all the jars to open…spilling chaos (and a bit of vinegar) into the world.


Filet Mignons


Oh, they fancy.

What It’s About: Three minions named Stuart, Kevin and Bob are recruited by Scarlet Overkill, a super-villain who hatches a plot to overcook all the world’s steaks. Who will stop them?




Bock-bock ba-gooooock!

What It’s About: A family’s suburban home is invaded by evil chickens.


Inside Kraut

Sauerkraut is the new “it” food.

What It’s About: A happy, small town girl is forced to move to a new city whose only food is sauerkraut. Will she be able to convince the city to start eating cheeseburgers and strawberry shortcake?


Mission Impossible: Hoagie Nation


Everything is possible when hoagies are involved.

What It’s About: After the Coldcut Alliance is disbanded, a new group of sandwich activists called the Hoagie Nation emerge. Can they show the world the power of warm and toasty subs or will the Coldcut Alliance thwart their plans for domination?


Bread 2


How much bread is too much?

What It’s About: A newly-wed couple decides to try and have a baby…but their stuffed bear keeps stealing loaves of bread and getting arrested. Will the bear’s legal troubles get in the way of starting a family? Or will they realize bread is more important anyway?


Avengers: Age Of Gulab Jamun


No, we didn’t Photoshop this in 3 minutes.

What It’s About: Gulab jamun balls instead of heads? That’s what this team of superheroes is working with.  And they’re about to save the city from sub-par desserts one honey-soaked ball at a time.


Mad Max: Rocky Road



It’s not a mirage. It’s a sundae.

What It’s About: In a desert world where the freezers have all short-circuited, two people try to make a difference. Mostly by eating ice cream.

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