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8 Food Color Trends To Make You The Most Stylish Person In Your Office

May 30, 2018

Each season, fashion icons, color experts, and really, really good looking people release their list of colors ready to take the world by storm. Well, as the world’s most fashionable food delivery app, we got the inside scoop* into this year’s top color combinations.

*We sent pizza to someone who’s name rhymes with “Balvin Stein”.

Do yourself a favor and start buying all the paint and fabric you can in these colors because, just like that red sauce from Halal Guys, these trends are H-O-T!

Buffalo Wing

Everyone knows that red is the most attractive and powerful color (look how sexy our logo is), but toss in a splash of buffalo sauce with a few token vegetables and you have a new color pallet that will make onlookers drool with fashion envy.


There are few perfect things in the world: Season 3 of The Office, Jurassic Park: The Ride, and the way toast, mayo, bacon, lettuce, and tomato come together to form a perfect BLT. Now add those classic colors to some new kicks or a pencil skirt to make your fashion game… stacked.

Blueberry Pancakes

There are surprisingly few blue foods. Luckily blueberries exist because one cannot be fashionable without at least one blue outfit. Top your blues with some pleasing to the eyes and mouth browns representing the perfectly cooked pancake and you’ve got your morning on lock.

Saag Paneer

Earthy, subdued, and classic, this palette is your stand bye. Sometimes, you might stray and try something new (vindaloo, pumpkin curry, Gobi Aloo) but the comforts of saag paneer are always close bye. Pro tip: carry garlic naan as a purse and you’ll always have a snack and a fashionable carryall.


Classic. Stylish. The new norm. These are phrases. And this is sushi nouveau. There’s a rawness to these colors unparalleled in the fashion world. Word on the street is Demi Lovato was seen wearing this palette with a bit too much green and she had to breathe through her nose because of the spiciness.

Hawaiian Pizza

Sometimes in fashion you want to be bold, controversial, bashfully unafraid. Combining pineapple with pizza colors does just that. If you tend to live life on the wild side, add some jalapenos to really turn up the heat. Just make sure to avoid any upcoming trips to Iceland.

Hot Dog

The key to making a color palette out of hot dog is in knowing when to be subtle and when to really pour it on. For instance, you want just a hint of relish on a hotdog, so a splash of green goes a long way. When it comes to ketchup and mustard, slather it on equally for balance. Of course if you’re in Chicago you primarily want to focus on mustard yellows and never wear ketchup reds.

Kung Pao Chicken

Spicy. Flavorful. Occasionally nutty. If this sounds like you, maybe splash a little Kung Pao on the next time you’re off to the club (or the dim sum restaurant). Subdued in it’s execution, this palette sneaks up on you, throwing occasional hotness like that stray pepper that gets caught in your teeth. Watch out!

By now you should be convinced that food colors are the wave of the future. But just in case you’re not 100%, take a look at some of these color combos out in the wild.

Here’s A BLT car…

And a Buffalo Chicken house…


If you’re bold and beautiful enough to try these color palettes (or you have one of your own) share them with us on Twitter or Facebook.

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