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37 Reasons Why Pizza Is The Best Triangle

May 01, 2018

Ever since middle school math class, we’ve always loved triangles (there was also a brief period four years ago when we were really into circles). Maybe it was the angles. Maybe it was how cute acute triangles were. But probably it was because triangles = pizza.

The thing is, triangles are so much more than pizza. Which is why we decided to do a scientific investigation. Our goal? To determine once and for all what the #1 triangle in the world is.

So on your marks, get set, science!


Triangles have been around since dinosaurs roamed the earth. Sadly, a giant triangle (AKA a volcano) wiped them out and ruined our dreams of riding a T-Rex to work. Luckily, triangles still exist to remind us of their greatness. Whether acute, isosceles, scalene, equilateral, or obtuse, triangles rule over geometry with an triangle-shaped iron fist.

Based on this observation we can deduce that

  1. A) Triangles are great.
  2. B) Many things are triangle shaped.



But what is the best triangle?


Pizza is the best triangle.

Conduct an Experiment:

To make sure pizza is truly the best triangle, we analyzed 57 things that are triangle shaped. We’ll start with pizza as our baseline.

Pizza Triangle

Ancient Weapon Triangle
½ A Tuna Sandwich Triangle

Clackity Ball Triangle

$$$$ Triangle

Seventh Wonder Triangle

SPORTS! Triangle

What’s That Smell? Triangle

Nacho Cheese Triangle

Sniffing Triangle

The Space Between Peace Triangle

The Bottom Half Of Nevada Triangle

Holiday Triangle

Rock N’ Roll Triangle

I Suck At Guitar Triangle

Flying V Mighty Duck Triangle (Upside Down)

Legendary Hero of Time Triangle

We Should Swim Faster Triangle

Dessert Toast Triangle

Eruption Triangle

This Guy In The Middle Is A Jerk Triangle

The Triangle Where Planes Get Lost

The “It’s Complicated” Triangle

The Flunked Out Of Basic Math Triangle

Stinky Triangle

WiFi Triangle


Fried Triangles of Bliss Triangles

We Shouldn’t Talk About This Triangle, Triangle

We Should Talk About This Triangle, Triangle

Top of House Triangle

Smashed Taco Triangle

Caution! This is a Triangle

The I Love Tea Triangle

Melty, Upside Down Triangle Treat

The Dark Side of The Triangle

Turn Up Triangle

Whoa! Slippery Triangle



Pizza truly is the best triangle. While some come close (volcanoes, samosas, broken taco), nothing is truly as great as a slice of pizza.

Disagree with our theory? Let us know in the comments or @Eat24 on Facebook or Twitter.

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