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15 Restaurants With Wacky Names (But Good Food)

August 31, 2017

We love all our restaurants, but we especially love these 15 restaurants for giving themselves names that, um, stand out. It just goes to show, no matter how wacky the name, you’ll make it far if you serve great food.

1. Absolutely Phobulous | West Hollywood, CA

We’ve got a soft spot for pho puns and we love this one because it’s fun to say. Another thing that’s fun is eating pho. It just makes you happy. In fact, even looking at pho induces happiness:

2. Sexy Pizza | Denver, CO

Cue the Marvin Gaye/Boyz II Men/romantic music of your choice…because tonight’s pizza isn’t regular pizza, it’s sexy pizza. Need proof?

3. Nacho Mamma’s | Bristol, RI

Mamma will always be there for you…especially if you are hungry for nachos delivered to your door. What can you look forward to when the Nacho Mamma arrives? This:

4. Nacho Daddy | Las Vegas, NV

And of course there’s also a Nacho Daddy. And this daddy can cook. Not only do they have lots of amazing nachos (including filet mignon nachos), they also have a Churro Sundae aka dessert nachos:

5. Pho King Phonomenal | Henderson, NV

Double points for double pho punning. And double points for making something called Thai Street Corn:

6. Just The Tip | Fresno, CA

We love a good pile of meat. We also know the tip is the best part, which is why we are all about this restaurant and its many, many tips. For example, this tri-tip sandwich:

7. Dark Side Of The Moo | Jersey City, NJ

We’ve watched The Wizard of Oz while listening to Pink Floyd enough times to know one thing: a burger topped with pulled pork and mac n cheese is always a good idea.

8. Bacon Bitch | Miami Beach, FL

You know we’re all about the bacon, so obviously we’re in love with this restaurant and its offering of items like: Fancy Bitch, Skinny Bitch, and Basic Bitch.

9. Very Crepe | Sunny Isles Beach, FL

Do you love crepe crepes? Not just sorta crepe crepes, we’re talking so crepe they couldn’t be any more crepe? Because this spot knows what it’s doing when it comes to crepes (and tongue-in-cheek restaurant names). At the moment, we’re super smitten with this crepe:

10. Kung Food | San Francisco, CA

Everybody was kung food fighting…except you shouldn’t do that, especially when the food you’re talking about is this delicious:

11. Gotta Eatta Pitta | Pleasanton, CA

We challenge you to say this restaurant’s name and be in a bad mood. You can’t. The second you start saying Gotta Eatta Pitta you have to be happy. And you also have to be happy when this shows up at your door:

12. Weiner Take All | Buffalo Grove, IL

We live in a dog eat dog world, which is why it’s important to eat at restaurants who take hot dogs seriously.

13. Thai Me Upp | Glendale, CA

We’re not sure what’s upp with the extra ‘p’ here, but we know what’s up with the name…and we’re into it. We’re also into:

14. Thai-U-Up | Seattle, WA

If there’s a Thai Me Upp, there has to be a Thai-U-Up. But do you wanna know what really spices things up? Volcano Chicken.

15. G Spot | Miami, FL

Have you been wondering where the G Spot is? Your days of searching are over because it’s in Miami. Oh, and if you’ve also been wanting what heaven tastes like, here’s a sneak peek:

Did we miss anyone? If you know any Yelp Eat24 restaurants with fun names, tell @Eat24 on Facebook or Twitter.

  • I live 3 minutes down the road from Nacho Daddy in Vegas. It’s awesome!

  • We think you’re pretty awesome 😉

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