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Today’s Weather Report: Soupy

February 01, 2018

BREAKING NEWS: At 6:07 AM the morning of February 1st, the Goulash Gopher was reported leaving his cave in search of saltine crackers. Eyewitnesses say the gopher saw his own shadow, shivered, put on slippers, and returned to his dwelling muttering something about the weather. You know what that means? Eight more weeks of soups, stews, and chowders.

Since we’ll have a bunch of inside days coming up, use this code for that creamy, steamy, sometimes noodle-y food on the app that loves really big spoons.

Coupon code: gopher24





You’re the cheddar on our chili.


* You may be wondering if Punxsutawney Phil, the famous Groundhog, and our very own Goulash Gopher know each other. Well, legend states Phil and Goul grew up as close friends. One cold, blustery day Phil walked outside to see if he needed a sweater and good ol’ Goul, being quite the prankster, decided to give Phil a quick scare. Goul popped up as Phil was leaving his hole and scared him so bad, he didn’t return for eight weeks. And during those eight weeks, Goulash was so bored without his friend Phil that he became an expert on crafting delicious soups, stews, and chowders. We hope you enjoyed this edition of Fables That Absolutely Didn’t Happen. Now onto the real stuff: This $2 coupon expires on Sunday, February 4th 2018 at 11:59PM Pacific Time. You must have an Eat24 account to use our code, which can only be used once on an order with a total over $15 before tax and tip when paying with Credit Card, Apple Pay, PayPal, or Pay with Google. The coupon is valid only on or the Eat24 app. If you think The Goulash Gopher is neat, wait ‘til you hear about the Waffle Walrus.

Inspirational Quote for the Weekend: Soup is a warm hug for your tummy.

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