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11 Jaw-Dropping Fries Available for Delivery in L.A.

October 15, 2014

“Walk softly and carry a big potato.” That was our high school yearbook quote. Yours too? We knew we liked you. Confession time: We’re EAT24, we love French fries, and we don’t care who knows it. Actually, we do care who knows it because we’re telling you about it and you’re our favorite.

Pro Tip: Whenever you’re feeling down, just think about the fact that fries exist. If you’re having trouble remembering what fries look like, here are 11 different types of fries you can order for delivery in LA with the EAT24 app. Sorry in advance for the drooling.

Ranch-Sriracha Fries

fab fries

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Homemade ranch? Check. Crumbled bacon? Check. Enough Sriracha drizzle to make you go weak in the knees? Check. Bonus points: They’ll deliver it to your door. Um, thanks, we’ll take 12 orders STAT. Where to Get It: Fab Hot Dogs


Street Cart Fries

street cart fries

Photo courtesy of Yelp

Garlic aioli made sweet, sweet love to some chili sauce and your mouth is invited to get in on the action. Oh, and hopefully you don’t mind feta, onions, and pepperoncinis joining in as well. Yeah, we were pretty sure you wouldn’t mind. Where to Get It: Spitz


Korean Poutine

korean poutine

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We’d never have the patience to braise short ribs for 8 hours, but fortunately we can just order some for delivery…on your fries. Yup. And the kimchi onion, avocado lime crema, and cheese? All in a day’s work for this amazing LA restaurant.  Where to Get It: Seoul Sausage Company


Deluxe Dutch Fries with gorgonzola sauce

deluxe dutch fries gorgonzola sauce

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Bossa Nova can seriously do no wrong, and these fries with homemade gorgonzola sauce are part of the tasty, tasty proof. Crumbled with extra gorgonzola for good measure, they’re a must-try for anyone who wants a happy mouth and a full belly.  Where to Get It: Bossa Nova


Asada Fries

carne asada fries

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If a taco married a plate of fries, we’re pretty sure this would be their amazing baby. And if we were legally allowed to marry a plate of fries (come on, America!), we’d totally be down to say yes to forever and ever with this tasty beauty.  Where to Get It: Rodeo Mexican Grill


Ribbon Fries

ribbon fries

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We love pretty food as much as the next app, so when we saw this spiral cut, deep fried potato served with chipotle ketchup, it was love at first sight. Fortunately, it can also be love at first bite when you order it online and eat it sans pants. Where to Get It: Continental Kitchen


Pizza Fries

pizza fries

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Pizza + Fries = Happy Mouth. It’s really that simple. Where to Get It: North End Pizzeria



Feta Fries

feta fries

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Warm, melted feta: Get into our mouth. We’re only giving you one warning, so you better do it quick. Or…well, we’re gonna eat you either way. Where to Get It: George’s Greek Grill


Truffle, Parmesan, Garlic Fries

truffle fries

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If we could cover our face in these we would. Primarily the mouth part of our face. Because damn. Because fries. Because they’re covered in everything that’s right with the world. Where to Get It: The Slaw Dogs


Disco Fries

disco fries

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We’re not really sure how Disco Fries got their name, but we do know that we love them at least as much as we would have loved Disco had we been going to clubs in the 70s. Or put another way, gravy and cheese are amazing on fries. Where to Get It: Noho Pizza & Grill


Chipotle Fries

chipotle fries

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Covered in a homemade chipotle sauce and sprinkled with parmesan, these fries have our full and undivided attention. Real talk, look at these fries and then try to think about something else. Yup, it’s pretty much impossible. Where to Get It: True Burger

OK, that’s probably enough fry porn for one day. We’ll let you get back to whatever you were doing. Was it thinking about ordering French fries? It was, wasn’t it. We know 😉


  • Kate

    Disco Fries? Here is Canada, that’s called “Poutine”. If EAT24 would get their shit together and migrate North, they would know that.

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