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100 Trendy Acronyms You Need To Know To Be An Upstanding Human

July 12, 2017

Do you fit in? Get invited to non-professional social events? Make a great first impression as a cool person to have at a picnic? Love saying full phrases as capital letters (AKA acronyms)? If so, will you teach us your secrets?

If not, you’re reading the right article. The following 100 acronyms are sort of (but not actually) crucial terms that will boost your social life and texting skills. Some are still in R&D, so use with caution. But we guarantee that if you start dropping URAQT, BM&Y, and ICBIJW10MRT in conversation, people will not know what you’re talking about, think you’re a genius, and make you queen (or king).

AFK: Awesome Feral Kittens

AMA: Always Making Applesauce

ASL: Aged Salami Lover

ASAP: Anytime She Asks, Poutine

A$AP: A Dollar A Pie

ANTM: All-Natural Turkey Meat

AMC: American Made Cookie

ATM: Ask The Mooncake

AWOL: Awkward Wombat Of Love

BBC: Broken Beans Club

BBL: Baby Back Loofah

BLT: Blondes Love Taffy

BM&Y: Butter Melts and Yodels

BRB: Bring Real Butter

BFF: Bam! French Fry!

BTW: Better Than Waffles

BYOB: Be Your Own Boyfriend

CYA: Control Your Alfredo

CREAM: Custard Rules Everything Around Me

DIY: Dip It, Yeah!

DIIK: Did I Imagine Kanye?

EEE!: I’m A Banshee

EOD: Eating Only Dumplings

FAQ: Fry Another Quail

FBI: Free Bread Inside

FIDGET SPINNER: Forty Iced Donuts Got Eaten Tonight Still People Ingested Nine New Eclairs Regardless

FU: Fresh Underwear

FYI: Forget Your Innerdemonsbecausetheywillcatchyoustaystrong#stremf

GG: Great Gouda

GTG: Get The Gnocchi

G2G: Get 2 Gnocchi

GLHF: Go Lick Her Fries

GOT: Gotta Order Tots

G&T: Grains & Trains

HELLO: Hello, Enchanting Little Leek Omelet

IDC: It’s Drizzy Crake

IDK: I Don’t Kale

ILY: It’s Lit, Yo

IMHO: I Might Ham Out

IPOD: I Prefer Onions, Duh

IRL: Into Raving Lemons

IYKWIM: If You Keep Whining, I’ll Moo

ICBIJW10MRT: I Can’t Believe I Just Wasted 10 Minutes Reading This

JAM: Just Ask Mom

JK: Jellybean Killer

KISS: Keep it Silly Spaghetti

KMIA: Kabobs make it awesome

KUWTK: Keep Umbrella Wet, That’s Key

LA: Lame Artichoke

LOL: Lots Of Lettuce

LOTR: Leader of the Taco Rebellion

LMFAO: Sorry for Party Rocking

LYLAS: Let your lettuce access salad

MIA: My Italian Auntie

MMORPG: My Mom Ordered Rad Pizza, Guys!

MYOB: My Yoga Opens Butts

NBA: National Biscuit Association

NM: Not marzipan

NKOTB: No Knives On Toasted Bread

NSFW: Not Safe For Waffles

OITNB: Only If The Noodle Breaks

OMG: Oh Man, Gravy?

OOH: Oh, but slightly misspelled.

OOO: a spooky ghost sound

OoOoOo: An even spookier ghost sound

OoOoOh: A spooky ghost that realized something

OOTD: Orange Owls Taste Delicious

PAW: People Are Witches

PSA: Please Save Avocados

PDA: Public Dumpling Action

PLZ: Paul Loves Zucchini

POTUS: Pants Off? Totally Us. Sexy!

PTA: Parent Torta Association

ROFL: Run Over to Fluffy lasagna

ROFLOLTSDMC: Really offensive flan lets out loose tortilla that saves diet mexican cola

SCUBA: Spaghetti Cheese Used By Astronauts

SO: Salami Overdrive

SOAD: Some Olives Attacked Dave

SPAM: Sage, paprika and marjoram

SRY: Seriously Righteous Yams

STD: Secure The Donut

STFU: Shoot, The Fettuccine’s Undercooked

TFW: This Falafel’s Wet

TGIF: Thank George It’s Flan

THX: Thanks for Xylophones

TIL: Today I Licked

TMNT: Tasty Macaroons Need Touching

TMI: Too Much Ice

TNT: They Know Drama

TTYL: Tweet Tacos You’ve Loved

TL;DR: Too Lemony; Deserves Ranch

U2: A Band

UFO: Ugly French Omelette

URAQT: You Are A Quiche, Totally.

WWJD: Watermelon was just diced  

WFH: Who Found a Hotdog?

WTF: Where’s the food?

WIP: Work In Pudding


YMMD: Your Momma Made Dumplings

YOLO: You Obviously Love Olives


Did we miss any? What’s your favorite acronym/hip person slang. Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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