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10 Pant Alternatives to Celebrate National No Pants Day

May 01, 2013

This Friday marks the 15th anniversary of No Pants Day. We here at Eat24, believe that every day should be no pants day, especially when you order food delivery online. We want to remind you that even though pants are not allowed this weekend, there are many fashionable, yet highly functionally alternatives to your britches.

10. Novelty Boxers:

TMNT Ninja Turtle boxers

 Nothing says I’m still six, like boxers from your favorite cartoon.

9. Cat Dress:

Cat print dress

Wearing this will definitely not tell the world you have given up.

8. Straight Jacket:

straight jacket

When wearing pants makes you insane, tie yourself up pantsless.

7. Muumuu:

homer simpson in a mumu

Feel comfortable, even if you ate all the burgers in the entire world.

6. Long Shirt, No Pants:

no pants

 Ask any guy, there is nothing sexier than this.

5. Kilt:


Ask any girl, there is nothing sexier than this.

4. Superhero Snuggie

batman snuggie

Be the hero your couch deserves, not the one it needs.

3. This Sweet Sushi Robe

sushi robe

Look like you could spontaneously break into a sweet ninja fight at any moment AND still not wear pants.

2. Apron:

 Protect yourself from bacon grease splatters while still being pantsless.

1. Screw it, Just Go Naked:

two naked chicks


Happy National No Pants Day. Did we miss anything? Holla at us on TwitterFacebook or Instagram and show us how you celebrate.

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