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10 Foods That Are Delicious No Matter How You Say It

Imagine this. You’re out to dinner with some friends. You see some awesome new dish with some weird new ingredient you’ve read about on your food blog (you’re pretty cultured after all). You’re dying to try it, but you have no idea how to even pronounce it. You call over the waiter and give it a shot. It’s a massacre of the English language. Plates drop, silverware clinks and the entire restaurant points and laughs at you until you run home and cry into your giant pillow.

It’s OK. This is why you order food online. No phones, no talking, no pronunciation. Order that weird dish with too many vowels and have confidence as you click that order now button.

If you’re ever in a social situation where you need to be all fancy pants and want to come off more Don Juan than “ermahgerd”, we’ve prepared a list of 10 commonly mispronounced items found on EAT24.

10. Bruschetta

Pronounced: broo-sket-ah

The Italian appetizer that is not a brush.

9. Gnocchi:

Pronounced: nyawk-kee

Saying “That Potato Pasta” just isn’t fancy enough.

8. Espresso

Pronounced: e-spres-oh

Yes it does give you energy but don’t you dare say expresso.

7. Chipotle

Pronounced: chi-poht-ley

Smokey smoked jalapeños that is as fun to pronounce as it is to eat.

6. Beignet:

Pronounced: ben-yay

As Django would say, “The “G” is silent”.

5. Sriracha

Pronounced: shree-ra-cha (According to the official Sriracha website)

Use tact when addressing the boss of sauces.

4. Quinoa:

Pronounced: keen-wah

The new king of the grains demands proper pronunciation.

3. Gyro:

Pronounced : yee-row or zheer-oh

You’re our hero if you pronounce this correctly.

2. Quesadilla:

Pronounced: key-suh-dee-uh

Yes Napoleon Dynamite is hilarious, but its lessons on pronunciation are awful.

1. Pho:

Pronounced: fəʊ or fuh

Regardless of how you pronounce it, this soup contains the cure for just about everything.


Worcestershire Sauce

Pronounced: ?????

Seriously, does anyone know how to pronounce this?

Remember we love you no matter how you pronounce your favorite foods (and condiments). If you ever want a coupon, just holla at us @EAT24

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