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10 Cakes That Totally Don’t Look Like Cakes

October 16, 2012

Think of the last birthday party you went to. Balloons. Maybe a bounce house. Screaming kids. And when it came time to blow out the candles there was probably a cake. Chocolate icing. Vanilla cake. Maybe some sprinkles and a Spider-Man.

Cakes are too delicious to be so boring. So we found some that will make your next party a lot more delicious.

Take a look at 10 cakes that look exactly like food you can order on Eat24. 


10. Bag O’ Bagels Cake

Bagel Cake


9. Sushi Cake

Sushi Cake 2


8. Chicago Style Hot Dog Cake

Hot dog cake with pickle tomato and mustard

7. Chinese Take-Out Cake

Chinese Food Cake

6. Taco Cake (With Oreo Cookie Crumb Meat)

Cake Taco

5. Supreme Pizza Cake

Pizza Cake

4. Cheeseburger Cake

Burger Cake

3. Fortune Cookie Cake

Fortune Cookie Cake

2. Leafy Salad Cake

Salad Cake

1. Beer Cake

Beer Cake

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